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Future Information incorporates three distinct, specialized areas:

Companies can save millions on their IT software expenditure by strategically planning their purchases, forecasting their future software needs – and then using this information to invest in appropriate software and software licences.

Future Information is equipped to assist customers achieve these savings by drawing on our in-depth knowledge of the licensing options available from the various software vendors, as well as our unmatched understanding of the software itself and vendor strategies.

By combining this knowledge with an in-depth understanding of our customers’ current and future business focus – and bearing in mind that no two organizations have the same software requirements or license options – we help customers develop a software strategy which aligns with their business strategy.

What software does your company have? Is it legal? And if it is legal, are you eligible to benefit from a software volume license?

Because licensing software is complex, few SA companies can answer these questions with any degree of accuracy. As a result, they may be inadvertently using software illegally - and as Business South Africa’s anti-piracy campaign gains momentum, they could find themselves on the receiving end of hefty fines.

Future Information is equipped to help customers identify whether their software is legal through the use of an enterprise-wide software audit. We then help to make the transition from illegal to legal software simple and painless.

The same audit procedure can be used to determine whether the company is paying too much for its software: volume licenses can reduce this bill considerably.

Future Information will help customers keep track of license variations, changes and requirements and manage their licenses, thereby ensuring ongoing maximization of software spend and eliminating the risk of illegal software  utilization.



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